specializing in workshops, consultation, talent management, events, photo shoots, music video, film/TV production, social media content & curation through bringing diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) with a social justice framework to challenge conventional paradigms and systems.  

TALENT MANAGEMENT representing multidisciplinary Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Womxn, LGBTQIA2S+, Non-Binary creatives and their accomplices.

JOOP JOOP is a Bilingual, Womxn of Color, 1st-Gen owned small business in Portland, OR since 2019.
Solo powered with community support.

Our goal is to create work and content that is relevant to us, tell our stories through our lenses and bring them forward and take up space within these industries with a plan to roll out an agency representing multidisciplinary creatives and crew in the near future.

Founder + Creative Director of JOOP JOOP
Fran Bittakis/ฟราน ศิริภัณท์ บิทากิส