Campfire Audio S/S ‘21 Campaign, Creative Director/Producer

Write-In Teressa Raiford 2020 Mayoral Campaign, Creative Director/Producer/Stylist

Y La Bamba, Creative Director/Producer/Stylist

Her Imagery X JOOP JOOP for Frances May, Producer/Stylist

Hey Sis World X JOOP JOOP for She Shreds, Creative Director/ Producer

joyn, Stylist

Éscale Sávila” for Sávila, Producer

Maed Studio x JOOP JOOP with Mare Advertencia Lirika and Valentina Peralta, Producer

Luz Elena Mendoza of Y La Bamba, Producer

Shoog McDaniel x JOOP JOOP, CreativeDirector/Producer/Model

Maed Studio x JOOP JOOP with Jasmine Nyende for Frances May, Creative Director/Producer

JOOP JOOP Fam for Frances May, Creative Director/Producer

Haus Dinner Party, Curator/CreativeDirector/Producer

Candace Kita of Astro Radicals, Creative Director/Producer

The Metaphysical Photo Booth for New Age Design Studio, Prop Stylist

Clifford Prince King x JOOP JOOP, Creative Director/ Producer

Tad’s Chicken and Dumplings for Frances May, Producer